Bring Your Own Controller

Bring Your Own Controller (in short BYOC) is an Esports-livestream/tournament organisation which focusses on the fighting-game community. With around 200 recorded matches (date 13-04-2016) BYOC can say they are the biggest media producer of the Netherlands in this branche. BYOC consist for most part of two members: Roland Volbeda and Robin Logger. Roland is the creative half while Robin knows more of code, they fill in eachother greatly! Their love for the game Super Smash Brothers is huge and they will continue to develop the community by providing their services.


BYOC’s mission is to develop the European eSports, particularly within the Smash Bros scene. Starting with the Netherlands.

The dream started when both nephews attended a smash tournament in the Netherlands. Roland just graduated from Art School and was looking for a project. Robin decided to host a tournament on its own and Roland quickly joined. Forces combined seemed to match perfectly and now they both have the desire to grow and show the love they have for the Smash bros community.

With this website Roland & Robin hope to achieve a focus point for the audience, which can be seen as a hub for fellow gamers in the Smash bros community.

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