My first thoughts

During the kickoff Marcel Dolman asked us if we already had some thoughts on what we were
going to make. And I raised my hand and told the group what I was planning to do. The
teacher told me it was a good case for a study and that I should continue develop the concept
and these questions I keep telling myself. And how can I do that better than write it down on
my graduation blog?

Here are my thoughts

Since the #anewcathedral project it has bugging me for quite some time. Back then I called it
‘Heiligheid’ (‘Holyness’) and next to the Creative Director part of that project I got some time to
work out the ‘Heiligheid’. But you know; the leadership became more and more important
over time so I had to abort the ‘Heiligheid’ and move that for a later date. Now is the time to
take it with both hands.


(Immersion/Fourth Wall/Believing)

When I get truly immersed by a photo/game/installation/theatreplay it is like I am dreaming,
we all had it, we all have it and me giving that feeling to you is what drives me to make art.
But how do we achieve this? how can people truly feel/believe the emotions i’m trying to pass on to you?
I have to give you some examples to understand what I’m trying to say so here goes:

‘Sinterklaas’ is a dutch annual festivity during december where this old man (called Sinterklaas) is
coming from Spain to the Netherlands to give (good-behaving) children presents. He has the help of
thousands of zwarte pieten and they too come to Holland, after 5 december he goes home to Spain.
Children believe until the age of (around) 6-7 that this is REAL, they even believe he rides a horse on
the rooftops to plunge down the presents through the chimney.

So why is this? is it because every parent is “fooling” them? including the schools and dutch
television at the time? Everybody in the Netherlands knows Sinterklaas and they all have
believed in him which is interesting. Children at that time don’t know better until someone
makes a hole through the well built fourth wall and then *pop* they stop believing, they see it
clearly that Sinterklaas is actually his/her uncle with a fake beard.
But off-course these are children, children believe everything you tell them. But I have the
feeling that adults also can be caught by this type of immersion.

Take the movie The game for example where this rich guy Nicholas Van Orton gets a strange
birthday present from his brother. A live-action game that is ‘the best experience ever’ and
soon after, it starts to take over his life and he changes from a grumpy old man to a man who
will enjoys his rest of his life.

In common

What have Sinterklaas and The game in common? I have some thoughts on that too but
maybe for now it is ok to let it cool down a bit. Let it all sink in and come up with a new post
where I will fill in more detail about this concept. You just go watch The Game yes?

Thanks for reading, feel free to discuss!
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