Graduation 1| Kubus de Game

In 2014, Cultuur19, Utrecht Council and Utrecht School of
the Arts Theatre created Kubus de Game 2014 together, a live action game for
and by youths living in Leidsche Rijn. 12 to 16 year olds could become part of
this Game by simply signing in on the website. Users would get more influence
throughout the game and got invited to live events with characters from the

Live Action Game

The website (, was one part of the whole
campaign, there was also a webseries which reflected on the actions of the
players, there were “Arena Games” and there was an extra storyline in the form
of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). I directed the webseries by filming and editing.

The campaign started at the schools where most of our
audience would be. By giving out flyers and even dropping by with a camera
during the lunch break we generated a lot of buzz. While this was going on, there
was a timer active on the website, which counted down to the beginning of the

We kept spreading flyers and visiting schools until the
timer had come to an end. The website was live and you could create your own
account and ‘pick a side’. From that moment the players slowly started to get
familiar with the main concept of Kubus de Game. Every Monday and Thursday
there would be an episode starring Jim Strolenberg as the host of the gameshow
explaining what exactly had happened the past days (Example; change of score,
results of events and games, announcing finalists).

Kubus de game _ 02
Jim announcing some exciting stuff!

For me it was very important that we were making these
episodes on the fly. I think that the strength in our Project lay in the fact
that we were very responsive. We reacted in a day or two with a lot of content,
which resulted in a very immersive experience.

 Players had been given the assignment to define
their side (team). They made up a team name, song, mascot and so forth. The
next episode we already;
1. Counted votes and showed the results
2. Named the teams “The Orange Rangers” and “The Blue Eagles”
at the end of the episode.
3. Assigned extra points to the winners of the assignment.
4. Changed the layout of the site to suit The Orange Rangers
and The Blue Eagles.

As the weeks passed we got more and more visitors and
players. We invaded several live events near Leidsche Rijn to tell about Kubus
de Game. At the end there were 10 players who battled against each other at the
Finale. There were 50 people present in total at the finale.

Kubus de game
A photo of the Finale of Kubus de Game (Photo by Erik Meijers)


Other people who worked on this project:

Jim Strolenberg (Projectlead)
Marlotte Nijenbrinks (Production)
Ronald Werkhoven (Technics Website)
Jeffrey de Kogel (Game Design & Social Media)
Trevor Holtkamp (Research & Game Design)
Joost bos (Game Design, Art)
Sebastiaan Hensen (Research & Game Design)
Robert Groenewald (Technics)


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