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The last few months I’ve worked on an interdisciplinary transmedial project with fellow students from the HKU (Utrecht school of the arts).

Commisioned by the Lectoraat Theatrale Maakprocessen (A group of researchers researching
theatrical make processes), Utrecht school of the Arts Theatre, we were researching
Transmedial Storytelling and working towards presentations at a physical location. The project
is part of a researchproject from the Lectoraat Theatrale Maakprocessen inside the focus on
Mixed Reality and New Narratives.

Transmedial Storyworld

Our presentation was a mix of different experiences (and media), they had to be brought
together in a narrative red line. This is where I have been working most of the whole time as a

The storyline starts at a pop-up-store (Alchemie) , where we welcomed our guests. Different
spokesmen (As we call them Catharijnen) wants to introduce their definition of Hoog
Catharijne and they end up in a discussion. Our Catharijnen divide the audience into two
groups where one half will experience something else than the other half.

One half

One half were taken to the corner of the pop-up-store where we created a presentation room
for the future of Hoog Catharijne called CU2030. CU2030 is a project running right now and
their aim is to renovate Hoog Catharijne to make it fit for 2030. We showed them a trailer who mocks at the current state of Hoog Catharijne (ugly!) and afterwards we brought hem along an audiotour through Hoog Catharijne. In this audiotour they heard how beautiful Hoog Catharijne will become and how interesting some shopping malls are (not exactly).

Jim is giving directions

Jim is telling the people where to go in a play-test

After some time the participants notice they are stuck in a loop and an other voice is breaking in to tell them to go the other way (Catharijne), as they go the other way the participants unlock new stories, personal stories told by a perspective of the soul of the building. She was there the whole time and wants to pass on those stories before she fades away in a new building.

Other half

The other participants had to follow one of the Catharijnen to an elevator-tour where you get to see abandoned places inside Hoog Catharijne. You enter an area as if you went back in time, this Catharijnen is showing you the past. After a while the Catharijnen is opening an laptop, showing you an documentary-like story about homeless people who lived in Hoog Catharijne in the 80’s. Sleeping in cardboard houses, doing drugs and fighting eachother. After that he is leading the participants to what the homeless people call ‘de hel’ (Hell) to confront them with what they saw that moment ago.


The two halves have experienced two different stories which where key-information in the upcoming co-op puzzle game. As a participant you had to meet someone from the other half to exchange your experience and vice versa. By doing that you could answer two questions that were given by you both and sending an text message to the host of the game (A new Catharijnen who wants to show you his definition) with the right answers will unlock words wich forms together a password for a tumblr-page. The tumblr-page can be found here

The password had to be filled in at the pop-up-store and everyone was there again at the same time. Wich led again to an discussion of the Catharijnen (Started with “So..  this is it..  a tumblr-page?”) The conclusion of the discussion is that everyone has their own definition of what Hoog Catharijne is and that some participants are affected by our transmedial project and never will look the same way at Hoog Catharijne.

if you want to read more you can go to my external blog where I wrote down my progression

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