SUS Animation for BYOC

This is an animation I’ve made for Bring Your Own Controllers Stream. During the setup phase of a broadcast you want to go live and prepare everyone to begin. (This animation is also somewhat of an eyecatcher so the ‘waiting’ isn’t as tedious as staring at an image!)

So while gathering the so-called commentators to sit on their position, ready to go live and for the Tournament to start you have this neat animation to look at. Combined with some lounge music provided by Monstercat and the Twitch chat it isn’t too bad to wait 15 – 30 minutes. It’s actually quite comfy!

For this animation I’ve used different images to create the ‘globe’ in 3d while using particles to create outlines. Spinning the globe around 1 turn in 10 minutes makes it feel like a very big object. For some more diversity in the animation I’ve decided to move the particles up and down in a random order.

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